Virtues necessary or not?

We had a group discussion about the topic ” Are virtues necessary or not?” on January 8, 2014. We, a set of 7 members supported that virtues are necessary for a professional.

The following points has been given by us:

  • Virtue is nothing but the quality of doing what is right and the quality of avoiding what is wrong.
  • It is essential for each individual to develop themselves and to shine.
  • Our friends, families, co-workers and neighbors will trust and rely on us. They will come to us for guidance and help, and will want to be around us because we inspire them to be better people.
  • We will be known as people with exceptional character who make the right choices and strive for excellence in all we do.
  • Apart from this virtues are necessary because, it helps in the development of following qualities,
    • Discipline enables a person to achieve the goal of running a 25-mile race, creating better health.
    • Kindness towards someone who is having a bad day can make him or her smile and build rapport.
    • Creativity can result in an idea that changes how people relate to one another such as social media.
    • Trust in a relationship fosters dependability and intimacy, creating valuable, meaningful relationships.
    • Gratitude in a job loss can shift our focus from feeling low to how we can have a new, more fulfilling career.
    • Service to others can change lives, better neighborhoods and create stronger nations.

    So finally, the practice of virtues allows us to develop our potential, and live a more purposeful, better life; a life not ordinary but extraordinary. Becoming more virtuous people attracts great things to us; it’s a certainty.


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